The sun was shining bright, but it was not the summer yet. Beaches were almost empty and there was no rush in the town. During the last weekend of April 2017, I visited my friend and a talented photographer Dia Takacsova in Italy.

She was living there for few months while working on her project. She was already fluent in Italian, chatting effortlessly with locals on the street. During my stay she showed me the town of Soverato and the surrounding area.

Photo by Martina Slovakova

My name is Jozef Pajersky and I was born and raised in Voznica, a small village in Slovakia. I’ve been interested in photography since my teenage years. There were many analogue film cameras at home and I was eager to try them. It was sometime in 2009 when I’ve discovered the beauty of pinhole photography.

blog about pinhole photography by Jozef Pajerský |

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